Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sarah O & Adam buy all the best presents!!

Christening the oven.....

So what is the first item you should bake in a new oven??
Lucky for us Sarah O and Adam sent us a package of goodies which included 'SHAKE AND BAKE' one of the best inventions ever to make fairy cakes, all you have to do is add milk and in cases and cook :-)

We had loads of fun and seemed to keep us entertained for some time........and the taste well I felt like I was back in England....YUMMY!!!

Thank you Adam and Sarah O xxx

Our new oven :-)

Finally we have our new oven..........

This may just look like a microwave to most people but it is actually an oven and a microwave....and for me and JB heaven!!

I am currently studying two langauges French and cooking, surprisingly French seems to come to me a bit more naturually :-) cooking on the other hand is the challenge!!

Regular phone calls back to England to Chef Tel Bel is the only way we don't starve!!.....the lastest call last night....'So tel bel I have a raw chicken in front of me what do I do now??' this is only the start as I still have a whole curry to make!! :-)

NEWS FLASH.........the chicken curry went really well last night and was very tasty.......the only problem... there was no curry taste!!! :-)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My first French cold!!!

My first French cold........

Not been very well today as suffering from a crazy French cold, the problem is I don't seem to understand the germs as they are French......have not yet covered this in my class!!!

Spent the day chilling round Chatenay -Malibu, the usual going to la boulangerie and buying the bread and sitting on my balcony in the sun reading my french book (well trying). I have made friends with the lady in my local boulangerie and she was kind enough to let me put up an advert for babysitting which has paid off as I have already had 2 phone calls ;-) JB my personal assistant tends to deal with the phone calls as they speak a little fast for me :-)

I have been watching my favourite programme Poirot not just in English I am now also trying it in French.....check me out!! I meet with a Lady in my town every Sunday morning for conversational exchange, and she also loves Poirot ( I have found a French me).....and she has leant me every episode whoop whoop!!

Going to venture out this week and find a swimming pool.......will let you know how that goes!?!?

Seeing my friend Karen tomorrow for my first french cinema trip...very excited :-)

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Flat - Part 2

My new flat :-)

Chatenay Malabry - My new home town!

Amy's trip to Paris

The Life Saver.....

Amy's visit to Paris was fantastic and so much fun (someone to speak English too yeah!) We were proper tourists going round Paris with our map and only surprising getting lost once, if I recall Amy who was last in Paris when she was 5 years old told me she knew a short cut!!!..... I am a pro using a map now :-)

I took Amy to my first conversational group, this is for people to practice their English and French.......45 minutes speaking on each! Of course you can all imagine I was the top of the class when it was the English part! However I may need a little more pratice on the conversational french but I am slowly getting there :-)